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Plot twist, and characters that really come to life

Octavian's Undoing - Airicka Phoenix

HOLY WOW, that is quite a book. Alright lets do this!!!

First and foremost: Airicka who is a peach (and i adore her as a person and author) asked if I would would give this an honest review in exchange for an ARC and obviously free copy. And since honesty is the best policy that is all i got for you. Honesty, and what i think are witty remarks but most likely i just think i am funnier than i actually am. So moving on? KAY!

Song Choice: I got a few for you this time, this was quite a big book so it deserves a lot of songs i think. So First off: "All I ask Of You" by Skrillex (ft. Penny), "Bloodstream" by Stateless, and "Hold You In My Arms" by Ray LaMontagne. So there you go, songs that i think can give you just a little inkling about the book. 

First thoughts: WHERE TO START? WHERE TO START? This is quite a big book. The plot threw me through a couple hundred loops, it was smartly planned out and deceiving leaving the reader feeling as helpless as the characters. The characters! OH my! Well on top of the fact that the characters themselves were all uniquely written, separate but amazing personalities making you fall for each one of them, they came off the page and really developed into so much more than characters for me. 

Plot: HOLY WOW (yup again) anyways! So I pride myself on having this awesome superpower, yes i have a superpower, yes its almost as cool as Superman's, meaning all of his: laser eyes, flying, strength, speed, x-ray vision *raising eyebrows suggestively* anyways! the point is this superpower i have is to guess what will happen, what sort of paranormal we might be dealing with and all that jazz, so pretty much i can figure out a book before the book even knows what its doing. ONLY here is the thing... Airicka (I swear i do adore you) TRICKS ME EVERY FREAKING TIME. everytime and i have officially given up trying to figure it out. so i suggest you do the same, cause when you think you will zag you will zig, and when you think you are going up you are actually doing down. Point is the plot (in my experience) is completely unpredictable in that good way. In the way that you will never stop being interested in this 531 page book of total awesomeness. Though there were points i did notice...how do i explain this... okay do you have like a word that you use to use like all the time? and you always used in papers, conversation, dreams? anyways Dude was that word it was thrown in somewhere around the middle used a bunch then disappeared. There see being honest! Now back to the fact that i really didn't care all that much because i loved this book. 

ANYWAYS! I loved that certain things happened that were life-changing and it wasn't treated like it was no big deal. It was treated with the respect that was due, it was dealt with and not brushed over which happens a lot in books i know to keep things going and what nots but here is the thing Airicka managed to deal with stuff (can't say what) while also keeping the plot going. Is this a big book? Yup! Is it worth it? Yup! Does the pace of the plot remain fantastic? YUP! YUP! YUP!

Oh so! Also this is a big girl book as i like to call them. There are grow up moments in here. And I totally forgot to talk to the sexy parts, they were so spot on the scenes never felt forced, or out of the blue, or like i don't know how to say this right so i will try my best... its not overtly descriptive where the plot becomes about the sex, but its there enough you might need the AC on with a fan in front of you as well. In the cheesiest way possible to say this, its more about moving love than having sex. 


*oh i am excited about this. Usually I just do the MC girl and guy but this time...oh no.. i got to talk about the brothers!*

Riley: What a sweetheart! She is loyal to a fault to her father who is her only remaining parent as her mother left them. She has been taking care of her father and herself since she was about 5 years old. She is self-reliant but more than that she still understands the value of a dollar, but she is not so jaded that that she is willing to steal when finding a wallet stuffed with cash, some more cash, and credit cards, and some more cash and a convenient business card everything changes. Riley gets a fantastic job and meets the soon to be love her life. She really does deserve happiness but things aren't fair in life, and things don't come easily. Riley is strong though and she makes it through so much without becoming that girl, the one that needs someone to protect her, while she understands that she is not sometimes in position to save herself she does understand that. But she does do her best to stand up herself. She is amazing because she is so real for me. She is not a one-sided character that is accepting and happy go lucky. She fights with Octavian, she is funny, she is charming, she can be very sexy when need be ;). She is a multidimensional character.

Octavian: I know you are all just shaking with excitement to learn about him/read my thoughts about him. So Riley notice how i mentioned she was a multidimensional character well so is Octavian. When we first meet him he is rude, an ass, and overall grumpy! I thought we might be dealing with a brooding male lead, which don't get me wrong we all go through that phase, some girls dig that sort of thing. Me? Well i like my guy to do more than stare at me from across the bar giving any guy to looks at me the evil eye. I want him to be there with me, holding me close, messing around with me. While Octavian is very serious at first he grows into so much more. While he is fiercely protective of Riley, and his family he does have a sense of humor most of the time ;). He is loving and full of passion. He is one of those rare male leads that actually seems to have somewhat of self control which is shocking, and the fact that he does resist and thinks of Riley makes him all around swoon worthy. But not only is he emotionally awesome. Well physically...yum. Anyways when we finally get his POV, wow just wow, i loved him even more. I like reading in the guys POVs because it gives you so much more in-depth look at them. It worked amazing well for this. And his voice was separate from Riley's which was awesome all on its own. 

The brothers! oh i am excited!

Gideon: Now he was my first love of the brothers. I love his humor, he is very suggestive and funny about it. He is sexy and also oh so dangerous. Though he honestly to me felt like the biggest mystery to be solved out of the brothers. While his twin Magnus has secrets to he seemed a bit more of an open book to me than Gideon. There is a lot about Gideon that i feel is not being said, there is a lot we have yet to learn and i am UNBELIEVABLY excited to read his story which is next btws. Gideon was, wow. He made me want to blush, giggle like a school girl, and all of the things in between. 

Raggie: He was the little humorous brother in the beginning. He felt like the playful one the one that was always easy to be around. But like all of Airicka's characters in this book there was more to him. He started to change farther and farther into the book, he became more distant and more serious. He is dangerously protective but understandably so. He is scared but also more than that. but i can't say what. 

Magnus: NOW he at first was more of an ass than Octavian, he doesn't really start to come forward til a little bit farther into the book like the other brothers who really start to shine right off the bat. He is crude, blunt and plain out a straight up asshole. Who actually became one of my favorite brothers. He shows compassion in a different way and once you figure it out you will see how much he really does care. While i don't understand his hatred from certain creatures, i am looking forward to learning more about him. He promises to be a very interesting character i am sure. 

Octavian's parents: LOVED THEM they were sweet, especially his mother, goodness i want to give her a hug! 

Kay the villains, dangerous and scary, i feel like we will be more and more of them later but since this was a first in the series this a lot of introducing which was fine cause it was done well and interesting. 

The Ending: UM...not technically a cliffie but I am definitely aching for more. 

That is all folks! Once again thank you Airicka this was a huge honor for me :)