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So, so, so good!

Games of Fire - Airicka Phoenix

So first and foremost, when i went into this book i was under the impression that it was paranormal because the side thing over there ---> says someone put it under paranormal/fantasy, well its not. But don't let that stop you from reading this because i am usually strictly paranormal reader and i loved this book. Usually compt. fiction makes me feel really bored after awhile, it was not the case here and if you are the same as me then i promise you won't get bored!!! 

Okay now to the regular reviewin'

Song choice! "Make You Feel My Love" by yes Adele. Sue me. I love her and i will openly admit that always. And obviously this reflects the love in the book.

Kay first thoughts, even though i sort of already did some..well whatever. I thought that it was really good but i don't have a lot of experience in this area on whats the norm, and what nots, but from my limited experience ... hmm i am trying really hard to think of a normal compt. fic that i have read lately and i am drawing a blank... well then. moving on....

Plot: I thought that the strongest part of this book was that it was amazingly paced. I totally breezed through this, i was actually getting kind of annoyed at work today because every time i had a costumer i was at a really good spot and i had to stop and help them, UGH PEOPLE! DON'T YOU KNOW I AM TRYING TO READ! Well anyways the voice of the MC caught me right away, i started the sample on amazon didn't even get to the second page before i was closing the sample and buying the book! I am going to talk about characters later so :p. Anyways the plot: like i said it is really well paced. I liked that this wasn't a love triangle, and that the characters were very upfront from the beginning. I loved that this book had a slight switch in POV those few moments omgod, i was bouncing up and down because i was sooo excited, but mostly because i am sadistic. Unfortunately i had this figured out at the beginning at least i was pretty damn sure i was right.... but i didn't stop me from a)wanting to know that i was right b) seeing the relationship between Sophie and Spencer develop. 
Oh i should talk about that, i liked it. The tension between them - omgod! i don't think that i have squirmed that much in a book in quite sometime. I just wanted them to angry kiss all the time. I loved them, together and separate. And on that note lets talk about characters!
Oh but before i do! Talk about steamy moments! HOT HOT HOT, WITH A CAPITAL "H" "O" AND TWO "T"S
hehee but those are only make-out sessions, no super steamy sex scenes sorry kids! 


Sophia (Sophie): Like i mentioned before i loved her voice! one of her first lines and one of my favorites: "What her mother really meant was, let's make sure our new neighbors aren't serial killers or worse salesmen!" That is just a little taste of this sarcastic Blondie. She is a really fun character to follow, i liked her also because she was well rounded. She could be bold and unflinching, to meek and nervous. She kept me guessing but always i liked her. She only made me mad once, and okay its a personal belief in my case - and she shares it too: No cheating. That's that. And i understand that it is explained but she defends someone that cheated, no not Spencer i promise but i got really mad that her then i wanted to slap her. But i am letting it go... maybe... no i am not i am holding onto this grudge for just a little while longer...maybe forever we shall see. Anyways Sophie: awesome. loyal. sweet. A great Main character!

Spencer: God at first i hated him, like legit hated him. I wanted to throw him across the room, then kick his tattooed ass! His ass isn't tattooed...well as far as i know...Anyways....But then we find out why, and i start to understand. then he starts to change before our very eyes. He tries, and he succeeds. And i have fallen in love, because Sophie has fallen in love. They have things that bring them closer to each other in a shorter amount of time but it is obvious that they care about each other, with that said it did go a little fast for me hence the four stars, but i honestly can't tell you that i am an expert on this kind of stuff because i am not, i even get annoyed with my awesome supernatural books with the soulmate rule because its like BAM i love you. and i am like wait what? We don't get to see them fall in love? Well how rude! But now thinking back there were moments when these kids really do show you how much they care. Okay back to Spencer, he is protective and sweet, not overly possessive but a flirt and HOTT

The best friends! Lauren and Jessie: I loved them, especially Lauren she had amazing one liners that had me laughing out loud and slapping my friend who was sitting next to me as i read it, and i would read the line out loud to her and start laughing all over again. Of course my friend thought i was crazy but its okay, i thought it was funny. Jessie is sweet but her character confused me sometimes because she would have these moments were she was very Lauren like and i was like wait i thought you were the shy, innocent one? but then i thought to myself...it's always the quiet ones... hehe okay but yeah i liked them and aside from those few odd moments with Jessie they had their own personalities and didn't get forgotten in the progression of the story. 

Villain: those brief POV shifts were creepy, sadistic, possessive, and OMGOSH every SINGLE ONE of them made me super giddy because i am crazy and i loved how cra-cra they were! OMGOSH probably some of my favorite moments were in those moments again its really because i am sick sick person

So my last piece of advice: if you are a paranormal fan and you stumbled across this thinking it was paranormal, then find out its not, it is still worth your time, and you should really read this. If you are a compt. fiction fan - hardcore then all i can say is that i loved this and i thought it was really well written, had an amazing relationship and it was good, good good! So read it.