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Humor, serious issues, and romance oh my!

Finding Kia (The Lost Girl Series, Book 1) - Airicka Phoenix

I was asked by Airicka Phoenix to do an ARC in exchange for being awesome… I mean writing a review, but mostly because I like to think I am awesome but not really. So anways! Honesty is the best policy, especially for books, maybe not so much to your mom when she makes some bizarre new recipe that she is all gun-hoe about, but in reality taste like dirt, and might possibly have some dirt in it, that is the time to lie your ass off for so many reasons but not right meow. And no way was my opinion altered because of this totally awesome honor, and it is a totally awesome honor to be asked to do this, and if you think otherwise then you might be a butthead, so take that! 

Moving on!

Song Choice: “Within You” by David Bowie, “Titanium” Sung by Sia, Song by David Guetta, “Giving Up the Gun” by Vampire Weekend, and “Honestly” by Cartel now all these songs go along with a certain part of the plot, and I am going to take a look see in my not so extensive itunes collection for another song that I feel exist somewhere because there is another huge part that I want to exploit in this book (cause I loved it). God I kinda hate myself for this but yeah I am going to do it, “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars cover by Boyce Avenue

First thoughts: Well I guess I should warn you Airicka and I have this unofficial battle going on, I try to figure out –if or if not she is using paranormals in her books, and if she is what they are, welp kids I tried my best not to do that with this book, good thing I did) This isn’t paranormal, but HEY HEY YOU paranormal fan that is walking away, well clicking away you get your ass right back here! I am a pararnorm junkie, like it’s a problem, but this book was fantastic and it should be read by all  I am still watching you paranorm fan that thinks I looked away and is trying to run away! This book was HI-larious, like it was a problem, I have explosive laughter, what does that mean? It means when I laugh people on the other side of the country could probably hear me, I laugh and I laugh LOUD. This book had so much humor, but it was mixed with a combination of serious issues as well, and some super awesome romance that literally made me swoon. LITERALLY. 

Thoughts on Plot: This book moved incredibly fast and I didn’t even realize that I was getting near of the end of it until I looked down at my progression and I was like WAIT, WAIT WHAT?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, I was here now there, and and and and there has to be more. Truth be told there is a good chance I am still looking around my computer seeing if there is more hidden somewhere. While the first half of this book had me coming apart at the seams I was laughing so damn hard, there were serious issues that were presented in this book that I thought were handle very well. (But I will go more into this later in characters) The idea was like Cinderella, meets, Jane Eyre, meets Goddammit I thought of another one but now I can’t remember…. Hmm it will come back to me so if I randomly shout something (it will be in all caps that is me shouting at you) but it had twist of its own, and it was a fun read like I mentioned already eight times with serious themes as well. In Moby Dick (yeah I just went there) Captain Ahab states we all wear pasteboard mask (how do I remember this because it was a shining – aka horribly embarrassing moment for me in my American English 300 level class – shining moment in my college experience). That is how I saw this book for the most part, we hide behind mask to protect ourselves, and this book was adeptly named Finding Kia, when this book was really about finding Kia. I loved every moment in this book because it wasn’t just about high school drama (not that super-duper annoying kind where you want to kill the characters – trust I will get to them soon but a kind you can handle, relate to, and respect), it was about not knowing who you are now, but finding that person, to become something more, to become the person you always wanted to be. To Find Courage, To Find out what really matters, And to Find yourself. 

(did you just feel the power in that moment? I know I did….hehehe)

Characters: Now I don’t know this very often but I find myself doing it more and more, but I don’t know how much I will do it, so don’t get too excited. BUT I casted this book…

Meet Kia: 

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Say A “How Ya Doin’” to Adam:

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Now about these Characters:

Kia: *STUNNED SILENCE………..hang on, I am almost good……okay.* I LOVED HER. Not often do you get (or least in my reading experience) do you get 6 foot tall, incredibly witty, funny, hahahaha I am just laughing thinking about some her scenes, and remarks, anyways, and clumsy MC girls. Even less do you run into ones that wear glasses, no I am not talking about the MC girls that have glasses but only wear them at night and in the morning, no I am talking about all the time, THEN ON top of that awesome-ness she is a geek. That’s my kind of woman! I about died when there was a LOTRs reference. Totally awesome. Anyways HOLY HELL I loved this girl, now she wasn’t one those MCs that are like, oh I am not pretty I am quite plain but really every guy in the world actually thinks she is the hotness thing since the Sun. No she goes through her list of flaws, and she does have flaws, hell we all do, I dare even say that I do. (which I am not actually that conceded I do have a lot of flaws, I know this I am just trying to be funny so roll with it). She doesn’t act like they aren’t a problem either, here is what I loved about this book, it did deal with problems that I don’t care what you say all girls and probably guys have gone through (for guys I am not 100% sure, I was blessed as being born a woman well besides one week every month – gross I know whatever but everything girl is thinking the same damn thing right now!) And not once does Kia falter from the extraordinarily amazing person that she is. Things are dealt with in a very well done manner, I can’t say wait because of spoilers but I can say thumbs up Airicka. Now Kia’s personality like I mentioned she is sooo soo funny! But more than that she is really relatable, and easy to like. She is also a 3D kind of character (which means there is more to her than meets the eye, there is more than one side to her.) Wow. Seriously wow. I loved her, and she is completely selfless…oh Kia. 

Adam: SWOON. That is all. Seriously holy hot guys that have more depth to them than the “me man, you woman, you pretty woman even better grunt grunt” and I know a lot of book boyfriends, I mean book boys aren’t entirely like that but it’s not often do we get the MC being a sort of not perfect character, and while Adam is totally swoon worthy on the outside, it was the inside I liked. Though he was a bit daft (I like to pretend I am British sometimes), I still loved him, and oh the things he says! He is one smooth talker, and while there were times I was questioning his personality only because of other characters I truly believe that he is a good guy, and turns total Alpha male at the end. LOVE IT! But I don’t have too much on him as this book was mostly about Kia (shocking I know, what with the title and all ;)) 
Nessie (Van- as Adam calls her) – She was an interesting best friend, while these two are total opposites, there aren’t many times that I question her friendship with Kia I feel like she does genuinely cares about Kia, and does enjoy being her friend, it’s not some weird pity thing. But her morals? Ethics? Are a bit strange…whatever to each their own. 

Claudia: narrows eyes…. I don’t like you. Well I don’t think I was supposed to anyways buy yeah. That is all about her. 

The ending: Grr. I want the next one now thank you Airicka.