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Hot damn she did it again

Betraying Innocence - Airicka Phoenix

Hot damn she did it again. 

First Warnings: This was given to me in exchange for an honest review and, honesty is what I do. Cool? Cool. Let's get started then. 

Song Choice: "Haunt You Everyday" by Weezer - I just couldn't resist, "All This and Heaven Too" Florence and the Machine, "Crystalised" by The xx

First thoughts: I thought this was a spectacular book. There was a bit of chills, thrills, and all around a good time ;). There were also to list a few things: gender-confused cats, a schmexy male lead, a fun, easy to love MC, and a revenged crazed ghost. 

Thoughts on plot: While this book looking at the page number might freak you out - its more than 400 pages this will be a week long read - or a weekend long read, WRONG! This book moves like it was a 100 pages and I am still demanding more! So the pace was moving fast, and kept you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, and digging out that nightlight you definitely don't keep in your closet *don't worry your secret is safe with me* Seriously though if you live in a old house that creaks you might want to consider getting adult diapers if you are prone to peeing your pants....I am not speaking from experience or anything.....aaawwwkkward...... Anyways so this was interesting, it had a great mix of humor, mystery, suspense, the eww-omg-i-can't-believe-that-just-fucking-happened, and romance. And I can't wait to talk about certain aspects of the characters but that will have to wait for a bit. The plot i thought was pretty original - considering the idea of a ghost is used a lot in TV and movies, but then again I don't read a whole lot of horror/mystery paranormal stuff. I thought that it was the idea surrounding the ghost though. It was a very conflicting feelings. but again i will get to that spoon. This was more than a story about a ghost which i LOVED, there was just so much more than meets the eye to this - with the other characters, and all that fun stuff <3 


Ana: I loved her. She was sassy, and while yeah she was scared i would have been in the same position but she kept her wits about her. She never quite backed down from a fight even though the smarter, easier thing to do would have been to step back. She was another classic Airicka character, individual in her own ways, and totally kickass. I really did like Ana and even though she had moments she broke down they were all warrant and if she didn't i might have to ask the question - what are you a robot? I think also Ana does her own certain amount of growing up in this book, at the beginning she wasn't annoying teenager or anything - never that O.O - but she did go through a shit load and she really just took charge. I loved it. 

Rafe: *loving sigh* What a man, what a man. This is one of the characters i really couldn't wait to talk about. He was SO DAMN INTERESTING - one of the great things about Airicka is not only does she write - really crazily swoony men, but they are more than one lines, and protective nature - I mean they are that as well but there is always more to them than meets the eye. They aren't just there to swoon over, they are there to learn about, to become part of their lives. So Rafe - *loving sigh - yes again* Oh Rafe he is the pinnacle of a boy bad, who is actually not so bad. There is something about how one must live up to expectations right? So when a whole town slaps on a label for you what else are you supposed to do but live up to it? Rafe is the boy who gets around and he doesn't pretend to be anything but when he first meets Ana but GOD THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO HIM. I really can't wait for you all to read this book - which you should - and meet Rafe. 

so another character that had that awesome mix of, are you the good guy, bad guy, are you in the right or the wrong - the place I come to think of as the Grey Area. Johnny, I am not sure whether i totally agree with him, in the end of the book I don't think we are supposed to know whether we should be totally with him or totally against him. I think the way Airicka set it up made it that you could be the finally deciding factor. 

So I do have a question - the model like group of people - crazy theory now you don't have to believe me but I think Rafe and Ana might have an encounter with the third kind if you know what i mean ;) hahahaha alright but seriously I think this was a great ending and I really did love this book :D.