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I love books. A year ago I started my indie kick and I still haven't been able to shake it nor do I ever want to <3

Why haven't you started reading this book?

Revealing Kia (The Lost Girl Series, Book 2) - Airicka Phoenix

How does Airicka always manage to leave you wanting more ... her? So yeah... moving on

Song choice: "Taking Control" by Eisley, "Disloyal Order of Water Buffalo" by Fall Out Boy, "We Looked Like Giants" by Death Cab for Cutie 

First thoughts: Okay seriously why haven't you started reading this book? Really I can't think of a good reason - well besides, being attacked, kidnapped, maybe I don't know your dog...died? If so i am so very sorry. Now i am just a horrible person.... But seriously you need to be reading this book. Like right now, why even read this review! WAIT WAIT WAIT come back! Its as wonderful - if not better than the first and really truly needs to be read. I love this ...duel, pairing, couplet, book 1 and 2? whatever the hell you want to call it. Seriously even if this is based in high school the problems are relate-able to all people of all ages. If you have ever felt less than amazing - which i already know you are - then you should read this. We are all here for you and we love you. <3 

Thoughts on Plot: Fantastic. Hehehe, the thing with these books are a they are a bit more character driven which is fine by me, but this did have a steady, way amazing - Airicka - like pace to it. We get a lot more interaction between Kia and Addddaaammmm *swwooooonnns* couldn't control the swoon it happens everytime i mention him. So all those ladies going for Adam - watch out, I am coming for him! Just think this 

So yeah... anyways there are new problems that arise in this book, and while we have a clone Claudia I was SUPER DUPER happy that she made only a few appearances and she really wasn't the problem. I think we all know who the problem in this book was, and really cannot wait to talk to about her, but yes you guessed right it's Adddddaaaammmm's *swwwwoooonss* - could you i couldn't control it - sister, and Kia's BBFF (best bitchy friend forever - that was slightly mean....but i am sticking with it for a bit) anyways back to announcing her name: Nessie... no not the Scottish Lake monster - she was Scottish wasn't she...? - anyways Van or Vanessa, which ever you prefer. 
But this is different this isn't about Kia finding herself anymore, its about her standing up and taking a charge which shows really well, and she is not the only one growing in this story so does Nessie. 
Overall serious issues are brought to light in this book, just like in the first book, they are handled beautifully and done very well. It's something I think everyone can relate to even if they hate to admit it, but I think it is also nice to find strength from Kia. 

Oh before I forget! I loved the mix of humor and serious problems <3 awesome, awesome, awesome


So usually I would talk about the Kia or Addddddddddddddaaaaaammmmmm *sssswwwoooonnnnsss* first but I need NEED NEED, NEED, to talk about Nessie before I explode. 

So Nessie: I have had a friend like her before. One that is so selfish that they cannot see past their own selfish needs, and I have been Kia - in a sense. I have been that friend one that is loyal to fault. I think that is why in the end it was really hard for me to accept Nessie, she does grow she does become more, so don't write her off. Anyways she is going through some serious shit, and I get that, but like i said having personal experience with a friend sort of like Nessie and finally it just exploded to the point there could be no more repairs, she made her decisions, I made mine, I was glad to see how this book ended. I think that Nessie was a very complex character that was very well written. This wasn't just some teenager angst that we all love to joke about - and come on seriously I LOVE TEENAGER ANGST its fun to laugh at, AT TIMES, but sometimes there are bigger issues here. And I think that Airicka did take her character very seriously when writing her as she did. I think that Nessie became a very powerful character and could easily become someone's favorite if they have ever experienced what Nessie did, but for me I have to admit it was hard for me to care for her sometimes speaking of her as a person (written well done, well done airicka) but as a person she is not someone i could ever imagine being around, not after what I had been through. But I was so glad Kia was stronger than me. Better than me. 

Kia: She is my hero. For reals. I didn't think Kia could get better. Ohh but she does. She totally does. She is such an amazing person. Okay yeah in this book at first she was a bit more like her old self but she does grow, she starts to stand up for exactly what she wants, and honestly she does the right thing. A friend - a true friend - wouldn't abandon you for any reason that was brought up in this book, in a lot of reasons short of murdering their whole family, or something else horrible like that. But Kia she sticks around for anything, and even when she doesn't have to, or shouldn't even consider doing more for her friend she does. She seriously the greatest character ever. I am not kidding when I said she was my hero. I am jealous of her totally awesomeness...oh and she does live up to her awesomely clumsy ways, explosive laughter people. 

Kenny: Yes KENNY! I loved his off-kilter humor and his odd ways. I want me a Kenny as well, yes I am greedy. Thats really all. 

Adddddddaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm *ssssssswwwwwwwwoooooooonnnnnnnnnnns and drools*: How holy MAN. My heart still starts to pound when I think of certain things this man said.... okay all the things this man said. OH MY GOD, I NEED a hose..... holy god. Okay *gives self pep talk, you can BE PROFESSIONAL ABOUT THIS, YOU CAN YOU CAN YOU TOTALLY CAN'T* HAHAHA lets get one thing straight this man needs to have his birthday very spoon so my fantasies and stop being creepy as helll. all fudge it, i am not that much older than him, or over it being legal.......He was so damn swoony worthy. I cant even... yummy, if you thought he was smexy in the first book oh just wait, not only that but you get his POV oh yes! oh damn that tie.... sorry... daydreaming. Excellent, excellent character. I need to stop before i start a lake of drool and people are starting to stare. 

So the ending. Is it wrong that I am not done with these characters? Hahaa, I really love them I am not ready to say goodbye to them but overall it was a good ending for them, <3 a HEA if I ever saw one.