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Truly Fantastic

Silence of the Wolves  - Hannah Pole

So this book was truly fantastic! 4.5

Kay song choice timeeeee: "Ten Cent Pistol" by the Black Keys (mostly because the girl in the song is kickass and Tam is pretty much kickass). "I Miss You" by Blink 182...yeah i am not going to explain that choice... "Blindsided" by Bon Iver

Kay First thoughts: While I really did like this there were some aspects that annoyed me. This was an interesting take on the paranormal world, while this was the first in the series and we were in the POV starting of someone entering we learned only I would hope the surface of the story, because i think this series has a ton of potential, not that it was bad or anything it wasn't but i am super eager to keep reading this series! Alright before i get carried away with that, the things that annoyed me a bit was the sort of repetitive comments the characters make, and their stupid choices...yes i am narrowing my eyes at them giving them the "i'm watching you" fingers. But I really did love all the new-erish ideas taht was brought into this book, and OMGOSH Minotuars! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Hannah, WILL YOU PLEASE write one of them a story! PLEASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE! I love Minotuars but god all you can find is horror, or like greek mythology :(!! anyways MOVING ON FROM THAT! I thought this was an amazing, action-packed, romance-filled, beginning to what i am feeling will be an fantastic series!

Thoughts on PLOT: I loved how action-packed this was, lately while i have read action-y stuff, and a lot of it does get their hands dirty, for some reason this one came off as more. I mean I did like that Hannah was willing to get her hands dirty, tell us the gory details, because it makes the story more real, more "3D" i guess is a good way to put it. or surround sound if you will ;). So while this was action packed and moved really well there were a few moments, and i really do think it was just me, that i felt like suddenly we were here when we were there....and yeah...but i think it might have been me. Anyways!!! The plot wasn't just one problem to be solved, there was a lot going on, and it got more complex and while it felt the ending felt a little too easy at first DO NOT BE FOOLED!! Anyways! The romance of the book, while i like when characters resist at first because it makes everything more interesting these two started to piss me off with their lack of communication! If you two told each other how you... you know what, nope not going to go into this. Also though oh i just had a point and then i looked up at the TV and got distracted...god i have ADD bad... anyways! i will think about that point for a bit....OH I REMEMBER! While we don't do the step by step of their relationship growth with convos happening about past and blah blah blah it was summarized and there so its not really just the "insta-love" stuff! YAY!!! happy dance, i know you are doing one, don't try to deny it! 


Tamriel (Tam): Kay while Leyth calls her the bravest, most kickass female that he knows, like ever, i was getting annoyed with him. While i totally agree with him, it makes me feel bad for all the other girls in the book! XD. While I don't think Tam sees herself as this totally kickass girl, i think she sees herself as someone that has to do what is right no matter how hard it is. And for that i love her! For me she was so real, she really came off the page and become more than ink and words, she was totally awesome. Like i said she does what she thinks is right even when its hard. She doesn't relish in the idea of killing and she tries to be as helpful as possible. She is no push over waiting for someone to tell her what to do, but she also is vulnerable when she is with Leyth which i also really liked, even though she tries to keep her pride and dignity around others she does allow Leyth in all the way....*suggestive eyebrows* anyways! ya naughty nancys! She was a really amazing MC and i loved her!
Now normally i don't do these casting things but i makes exception for this book because i know a lot of people like these so here we go for Tam:

Leyth: AAAAAannnd i can't remember his nickname...sorry i am not an asshole i just am horrible with names! Anyways! He was, wow. Kay he was a little hard to like at times, when he called a certain someone a certain something, and that certain someone forgave him too easily. oh sorry! so letting that go. I liked him, while i think at some points he could have been as well rounded as Tam he wasn't a bad character. I liked how protective of Tam he was, and I liked that he was actually open about his fears with the readers in his POV verses just being like oh i had problems but never really explaining it. The fact that he was so utterly brave too, awesome! his trying to sacrifice himself for Tam though was getting on my nerves, i understood that he was scared but i wanted him to fight for them harder, don't worry its all alright! He was an interesting character. He seemed short with others verses when he was with Tam and i loved that!
My Leyth:

Kay usually I don't do many of the "other" characters but i want to talk a bit about the others for a second

Sapphire: I loved her, And I do hope we get her story as well...maybe she falls for a Minotaur, eh, eh ;) ;) anyways i really liked her and i hope she continues to be a sort of bigger part in the other books!

Dax: ohh he will be interesting to read about! hehehe i am excited! 

Alison: ohh poor Alison! i hope things get better for her she has been through so much. 

Oh you know what i forgot something! 
The "good" guys vs the "bad" guys: now this is really something i never do, but i really liked this aspect of this book, while we want to make the good guys cookie cutter good, that they are no faults in them in this we find ourselves wondering, how good are the good guys, and really the baddies must just be a 100 times worse. i like the idea that this presents it was really awesome and well done too :)

So the ending: Really it was the perfect ending for Tam and Leyth in my book, I was happy with it. But that epilogue, WOMAN! not nice! I am very VERY excited for the next book! superly soooo. So my very last thoughts on this is that i think that if you like action-packed and romance-y paranormal this will be a perfect read for you! lots of new interesting things happening here! :)!!!