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This isn't my first Janelle book and it won't be my last

Eden (Eden Series) - Janelle Stalder

:O - okay also this is a warning, sort of...thing...I was given this LOVELY, FANTASTIC book by the author in sort of exchange for an honest review...long story short, i am going to be honest because that is how it works. And that is how i do. so yeah

Song Choice: Oh this one is a toughie, "I Will Never Forget You" cover by Birdy, "Into the Ocean" by Blue October for Aiden, "Your Hand In Mine" by Explosions in the Sky. (look i will probably come back to the song choice as it is 2 oclock in the morning and i am just trying not to wake everyone in my house

First thoughts: Sometimes it’s hard for us as readers to remember something very key. That the villains we so hate, are in fact human. (for the most part unless you are reading paranormal, or whatever okay I get it there are cases when they aren’t PHYSCIALLY HUMAN) anyways we forget that they are people, that there is more to them than the evil we see. This is not my first Janelle Stalder book, and it will not be my last, for the simple fact that she makes the world shades ….oh god… of grey. DON’T EVEN. Don’t go there. Seriously don’t. nothing is as black and white as we want them to be and nothing is as simple as we want them to be. Sometimes the bad guy is someone who truly believes they are doing good, and they are good person with a good soul, making bad decisions. Because even villains can love, unconditionally, and fully. So for this simple fact, you should read this. 

Thoughts on Plot: When I went into this book originally I hadn't known too much about it, but after the first chapter I went back and read the summary. I have this new found love for books have seem to have been doing this a lot more lately, its been done before yeah sure but i haven't come across it often. its when our world, meets fantasy world. Now this book started off with a different type of hero, with a different idea in mind, in my opinion. I will get to that in a moment, this is a fantasy and everything is happening, wars a-brewing, teenagers who don't act like teenagers and i just took it as they were mid-20s as it was falling in love, different people's stories being told, and all this-ness. I LOVED IT. in no way was it chaotic or confusing, it was magnificent! About half way we get a totally new POV AND OMGOSH I CANNOT WAIT TO TALK ABOUT ROSE I LOVED HER! (i will also explain why i probably had such a draw to her) anyways! this book wasn't about only who will win the war, who should win the war, but in the end it was about believing in yourself against all odds, the strength that we find within ourselves. :D!!! I am in love IN LOVE with Janelle's style of writing. There was a lot that happened in this book and i don't want to go into details because of spoilers but i will say this, it moved expectantly fast, and it was like i said no way confusing or overwhelming. Addicting yes, interesting, yup! 


(OH I AM SO SO SO SO SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS. not only does Janelle have exceptional plot, and writing style - which she does - but her characters, OH HER CHARACTERS!)

Aiden: Poor Aiden when we first meet him i couldn't but help thinking how can your day get worse?! He is very endearing and I loved him. He wasn't the typical male lead, he wasn't the over-confident, stubborn, moody, mysterious man. And i don't know about you but sometimes going into a book knowing that the first MC you encounter or the story is told entirely in his pov scares you off but i tend to go with them with caution, why? because the plain, ugly truth boils down to: am i going to be able to relate enough to this character, and want to be in their position, i live vicariously through the characters yup i said it. so anyways! I was pleasantly surprised with Aiden i related to him very well, i enjoyed his mannerism and i loved him. While most guys - and yeah i am going to stereotype right now and be a bit sexist get over it - would probably find how freaked out they were, and try to be all super badass about and be like yeah whatever (says in gruff voice) this is a 15 year old boy thrown into a whole new world to be the "savior" of sorts, of course he is scared shitless, but he doesn't became a baby, he takes it in stride but he remains realistic. He god i loved him, i really did. He tries so hard, and he becomes friends with these people he wants to protect them, and I truly do think that he is an amazing character. :D 

Elise: She is badass of her own accord. She is the unlikely girl in a fantasy book (well not really unlikely in the sense we have this one girl in each fantast book ;) not that it is a bad thing because its not) She is a master archer, and she works hard for everything that she gets. She is so strong but still sensitive. With her its hard to tell sometimes with her emotions on how she feels which seems odd to me because of Aiden being so open, but i really like the shake up here with the gender-roles being messed with, all those lovely shades of grey. 

Wolf: He is a sweet guy, but he is also the normal male MC we expect and i cannot wait to see more from his shirtless, horseman! (also i would love to compliment Janelle's either well experienced or researched experiences with horses - i own four and i can say that everything Janelle mentions about horses - truth...only i have yet to meet a horse as eager as Ty to ride... but i do know Grumpy, only he is not as bitey just likes to run away from me...ANYWAYS GETTING DISTRACTED AGAIN)

ROSE: i loved Rose! i loved her i loved her i loved her! i loved her story line, i loved her character! and you stupid girl i think i might hit you! I understand the position she was in made things difficult for her. But i loved how she handled herself and how she remained sassy and brave, and so very courageous :D oh Rose!!! there is so much i loved about her that i cannot say too much about her unfortunately. 

The "villains": as i mentioned before in first thoughts they are not what you will expect and you will be wondering how you should react. oh Janelle i love you for this simple fact right here!

The ending....well strange. i am SUPER DUPER excited to start the next one that is for sure!