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I love books. A year ago I started my indie kick and I still haven't been able to shake it nor do I ever want to <3

*JAW IS ON THE FLOOR!*....oh dear God! people my jaw is on the floor i do not think this is medical safe!

Eden-West - Janelle Stalder

*JAW IS ON THE FLOOR!*....oh dear God! people my jaw is on the floor i do not think this is medical safe!!! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh OKAY NOW lets put on our serious pants. 

Janelle Stalder who is just a peach in general gave me this in exchange for an honest review, and I am going to be honestly honest with you right now. I am not skewing my review in any way because of that, this is entirely how i felt about all by myself! so lets do this!

OH okay also this is the second in a series, pleased be warned while I will not do spoilers for this book, there might be spoilers for the FIRST book, FIRST ONE. Kay? so if you want to go ahead and power through then go for it, but if you don't want to know what happens in the first book please then go check out another review :D thanks 

Song Choice: "The One that Got Away" by the Civil Wars (uhh i found them and i love them!) Anyhoops moving on, "Sleeping Sickness" by City and Colour featuring Gordon Downie, "Blindsided" by Bon Iver, and lastly "Undisclosed Desires" by Muse. 

First thoughts: UGH I LOVED IT. I think honestly I liked this one better than the first book, which isn't to say the first book was bad or that I didn't love it because I did. I think my biggest reason for loving this one more was the book expanded farther, diving more deeply into certain characters vs it being just a bit with this character but mostly with this character. With that said I love Aiden please don't think that i don't because i do. i loves him so much <3 so much love from this kid. But was really happy that Logan started to emerge more in the beginning of the book, and Wolf, Elisa, and new characters were coming out more as well. So this book had quite a few surprises in store for us! And WOW seriously i was so engrossed in the story i didn't even try to figure them out, i just breezed right through this, amazing, absolutely. And I've done it again, okay stop before i get to carried away. If you liked the first book, if you loved it, you will LOVE THIS one. 

Thoughts on Plot: *GASP* where to start, where to start? Well in the first book we left Aiden back in "our" world, and his friends completely clueless on his well-being and Aiden completely clueless on what was happening in Eden! This book takes a few (like two i think, maybe even less) before we are back in Eden but somewhere totally new. Now I loved where this book was going, there was some mystery that made you suspicious, there were new characters to fall in love with, and whole new adventures to be had...and that isn't even just Aiden! how exciting is that! While Aiden is on his own adventures, which wow! Let me just talk about that for a moment. I loved his parts in the other book I fell head over heels for Rose and Callum and i was eagerly awaiting to read their parts in this book I found myself doing that for Aiden! I had to know what was going on with him, while i loved everyone else's stories, I was like MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED. Anyways very well paced, like i mentioned before i just flew through this book. 

So what were Elisa, Logan and Wolf up too? No good that's what! XD Logan and Wolf are in the south partying it up and Elisa has to go get their sorry butts! So they have a bit their own adventures in the south, relationships grow, some are tested, and Logan remains to be totally awesome and funny as hell. I loved their plot line as much as Callum's and Rose's. They may not have seen as much "action" as Aiden but trust me a lot happens and it will keep you wanting more. 

So what are Callum and Rose up to? :) *sly smile* you will have to read to find out, won't you. ;)


So i know for the first book I did not do any character pictures but i felt the urge to do it for this one, and boy there are a lot of characters so work with me here. (and understand these are the closest as i saw them, but its not entirely perfect)





Rose (minus the glasses)



And the new to this book characters


Lily (minus the lip ring ;) )

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Kay now for thoughts!

Aiden: I love him! I really do. In the last book he was just his small, uncoordinated sweetheart that was transported to another world/realm? to save it, and by god he did! And he did it without letting the fear that was rightfully placed in his heart stop him or make him become this over complaining baby. No he was brave, courageous, and very mature. I loved him again in this book while he is missing Eden something fierce he tries to make the best of his life as he thinks it will be now. He really drops all pretense of being an annoying, complaining teenager. He is very mature, bulked up a bit and becoming so much more. In this book he is wise, and really he is just awesome. There isn't a whole lot to say about him because his character was pretty much the same, he was an amazing character in the first and i am glad to say he is still amazing. 

Elisa: oh sweet, kickass Elisa. If she would just ugh nevermind. She was still kickass, totally awesome and a good friend to Logan and Wolf - well as good of as friend as she can be to Wolf - i will get to him in a moment. But in this book we get to see a whole new side of Elisa, we really get to see her feminine side, and she really grows up and becomes very mature/wise in this book. In the end she realizes though she wants to prove her worth as a warrior she does realize that there is more to life than getting ready for the next battle, and I think that this was a really cool change, we get to see a whole new hidden side of Elisa that yeah she is this totally warrior chick but underneath it all she still is a woman. She still wants to be treated like one once in a while i mean don't we all? 

Wolf: Will you PLEASE get your head out of your ass! Goddammit man! Okay that is all i can say about that subject. In the first book i wasn't sure how i felt about Wolf i really liked him to be honest but I also was annoyed that he was betrothed to Elisa when i sort of wanted Elisa and Aiden to "be friendly" *suggestive eyebrows* if you know what i mean. Anyways so i always felt a little hesitate towards him and i wasn't clear on his feelings for Elisa, I am now. I am very certain i know. And he needs to stop being so damn stubborn. 

Logan: OMGOSH who knew this kid was so damn funny, it really hasn't been that long since i read the first one but damn! I loved Logan in this, while at the end of the book again he got a little pushed to the side but I still love him. He is funny, but he is also very observant and honestly i feel like he is pulling all the strings in the background, he is that friend that if they ever lost i think the blow would be a lot heaver than anyone realized. He is the glue that holds them together i really like him and i hope for more of him! 

I am going to bulk these three together because I can't talk that much about them without doing spoilers so Callum, Brutus, and Rose: such conflicting characters for me which i love. I love that i want to love them even those Callum and Brutus are supposed to be the bad guys, honestly Rose was well honestly i don't know i cannot hate her but i would understand if someone decided not to like her but i just can't. She makes some very hard decisions but love is blind and love does not care who you fall for it, it just happens. 

Moose: Moose! Loved him! Okay okay he was Aiden's partner in crime in this book oh and what a funny boy. He is really wise and really shocks me sometimes while he seems totally care-free, fun loving guy i know that really he is serious and he knows when its time to get down to business. Now again i can't talk too much about him without spoilers. 

Lily: OOhhhh she is going to be an interesting character. I love her all ready, all the woman in these books are totally amazing, both warriors but delicate and feminine, she is a feisty one, and so completely loyal. I love her. I cannot wait for more Lily. 

So the ending OMGOSH seriously i am beating myself over the head right now because I just want to stop writing this review and read it! soooo laters!