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...............*speechless*................(in a good way)...................

Eden-East (Eden Series) - Janelle Stalder

...............*speechless*................(in a good way)...................

Warnings: This is the LAST in a 4-part saga? Series? eh either way you have been warned. There will be no spoilers from this book, but there maybe - probably be spoilers from the first three books. 

So that was Warning number one: I received an ARC of this book for an honest review AND I truly believe in that honesty is the best policy here. So lets do this! 

Song Choice: "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne - that is kinda just for the series in general and how i feel about in the first place. "Swelling" by Sarah Jaffe, "Welcome Home" by Radical Face, and "Oh Shit" by Rai because i wanted to be funny and i felt there were a lot of OH SHIT moments. well at least for me. 

First thoughts: Goddammit Janelle. Okay there are some books you just read the series and think to yourself: "Damn I kind hope this ends soon because I just don't see where it is going." THEN there are books like this where makes you think: "Damn I never want this to end. I love the characters, I love the plot, I love the writing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING. mostly...I hate that it has to end." So I don't know why but it seems the last few series "final book" just doesn't live up to my expectations, I am not going to name names, and quite honestly I have loved everything that has come from Janelle, I think she has not only an amazing way of making the reader feel conflicted on the characters - caring for those you don't want to care for, and for making it really hard to tell "well who is right here" Kay? so on top of that, she is just fantastic at character building, and plot building. So with my pre-set fears in place, I was happily, and really not that surprised, that Janelle wrote a fantastic ending to a fantastic series. 

Thoughts on Plot: Wooo wow. There was a lot going on this book, I mean there is a lot to wrap up. And it was I think really well done I don't think that the ended dragged on and on and on forever...though part of me wanted it to. And then it wasn't all smashed together so that you felt you were rushed through the entire thing and too much was happening at once. Well paced and well split between the characters. Oh I was terrified at parts, I thought for sure my heart was going to break in half. Other parts I was laughing so hard I thought i might start to cry a little! this was such a amazing ending to a series i really truly believe that. And there was an exciting piece of news at the end!!! <3 like after the book finished. right before i the acknowledgments i think... anyways I don't want to spend to much time here because I don't want to give anything away. But the book was split that we got everyone's stories without feeling rushed, or overwhelmed. At times yeah i thought how is she going to do this so quickly? BUT SHE DID IT, SHE DID! Always surprising me dammit. 


Dammit. Okay so many. 

Aiden: Oh my sweet Aiden. We have watched him from struggling to pick up an axe, to falling in love with all the wrong girls, to now where is becomes the warrior they need to save all of Eden. I don't think his golden heart ever faltered, he isn't perfect that is for sure, but damn is he good. Our poor sweet Aiden goes through the ringer in this one, but he never changes who he is, which I love that about Aiden because he is so brave, so courageous, and such a good person. <3 

Elise: Awww thank god her and Wolf finally made things work! She is so happy in this book and I can really tell how much her friendship to Aiden means to her as well. I thought that she was kickass as she was in the rest of the books and I adore her. i really do. 

Wolf: TALK ABOUT SWOON WORTHY GENTS, me and Wolf got off on the wrong hand in book one, why you ask? because i knew right off the bat that he liked Elise, and i wanted Aiden and her to be together but i was pleasantly surprised how quickly he grew on me. I was a puddle of goo when he talked i really was. Good, loyal friend right here. 

Logan....logan, logan, logan. Have i mentioned how much I loved this kid? He was the comic relief in this book, and he did it so well, I really do love him he has a very special place in my heart, he always did in this book though he comes off more as the clown then ever but i couldn't help but love him more for it. 

Rain: i am still debating on whether i hate her or not. I want to, i really do. but dammit i can't help but feel for her sometimes...its just so hard! *sigh* 

Elex: loved him. he was a very interesting character and i really liked him. (sorry these are getting shorter as we go i will explain why)

Lily: AWWW LILY!!! <3 loved her. 

Okay so why i started getting shorter and shorter. I felt that in this book the characters stopped growing not because I don't think Janelle wrote them badly or anything, I would never think that they were written as who they are, with there awesome personalities that had grown in the last three books but they were done growing in this book. It also worked amazingly well for finishing the series. There is no leftover feeling of, well I don't think I am done with this character, i think they still have a lot of growing to do. No I truly believe these characters were done growing and as much as it kills me to admit, yeah there story was done. *oops did make me die a little* 

The ending: the end. - i was a mess. I truly was. But it was the right ending i think. In conclusion I would like to Thank Janelle for the ARC it was a truly amazing gift. I encourage you all if you even thought the other books were so-so (which i don't know how that is possible) to read this.