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Oh last thoughts: read this book, read this series, good? good.

(Mis)fortune - Melissa Haag

So Melissa Haag asked me to give her an honest review in exchange for a free copy of her book, problem was I already bought the book, but honest reviews is what we should all do anyways, so I would like to Thank her again for thinking of asking me, and after reading the first one there was no way i wasn't going to read this one. With that said this is a second book in a series so if you have stumbled across this title and it looks interesting, its a second one go check out the first oneHope(less) its also super good. And with that said if you haven't read that one...well i suppose there might be some spoilers about the first one but most likely not, because these characters are pretty separate but are in the same "world" and involved in the same stuff so yup. Now that is all said and done lets get on to the review. 

Song choice first: and if you aren't aware I try to pick a song that either tells the tone of the overall book - which is vague because that is pretty impossible, or things about characters, etc, etc. So first song choice is.... "You Are Not Alone" by Saosin which is a song for Michelle, "Stars" by The Xx which is "describing", sort of, the relationship between Michelle and Emmitt. (i might also pick for their relationship "I Belong to You" by Muse, the original version not the twilight short version...mostly only because i like the original better). 

OKAY! so time to gush, what i mean time to talk about first thoughts... :)... sure...first thoughts. I think that the phrase "i want to have this book's babies" is appropriate at the moment. I am not sure if that is a good enough way to describe how much i love well this series to be honest, i have yet to read Melissa's other book Touch, but i will soon! I am getting away from the point though. I feel in love with her writing style last book and now all i can think is HOW AMAZING Clay would have been if he actually talked for the whole book because Emmitt won me over the first time his mouth opened, i mean holy hell boy had some lines that i am pretty sure i literally swooned at. LITERALLY SWOONED. I think it is a tie right now on what book i liked better in this series so far because they just so amazing. This book didn't do the squeal flop, it did like a running hand-sprung back flip shit i don't know i never did gymnastics when i was young so i am pulling that from my "possibly quotes from movies" bag (and that belonged to Bring it On, the original cause all the others sucked...not the point moving on). so READ THIS SERIES. SERIOUSLY read it. 

Thoughts on Plot:
In the first book of this series it really felt like a love story, and it mean there was a bit of action, not to much until the end which is fine, and the characters were amazing, and you just wanted to read on. This book had more on the whole "Judgement of the Six" going on, we start to learn more about it and its becoming clearer and clearer to us. In my status updates you can see that my head explodes at one point, well the point that is that i didn't realize up until that point that this was BEFORE the first book, in time wise, which i thought was really interesting and such possibilities! I do admit i was hoping for Gabby and Clay to stop by in this book while they didn't Henry and Paul who i adore! did, so yay! Alright moving on from that, there was a bit more action i think in this book, some more suspense, it started off running and the pace was fantastic as always. A book that you can read and not even realize you have read like 100 pages is just good always. In the first quarter to the last quarter of the book there was a lot going on with the characters and not so much the outside world which again fine by me i loved reading about these characters. I am not sure how describe how Melissa does this so well but she does, its like a nice mixture of calm but also a bit suspenseful for the characters. There is a lot of times i notice in even series that i love that the books that are about different characters the plot line tends to be almost the same, and things vary, blah blah blah blah but the concept is the same, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they "falll inn loooovvveee", girl gets attacked/kidnapped. And that is how the entire series goes with different characters, and as much as i love said series i am thinking of it kinda bothers me at the same time. Which is another reason to LOVE THIS SERIES! Because the first and second book are not the same stories being told with different characters. YAYYYYYY soo excited. :) so if you go into this thinking oh it will probably be the same as the last one well shame on you because its not!
so plot = amazing again. 

** I know in the last book and my review i mentioned how this book could work even for non-werewolf fans i think the same could be said about this one, while the wolves in this book are actually part of a pack and not Forlorn like Clay, the pack rules don't feel as "enforced" or being too pushy if that makes sense. But i do want to warn that they are actually part of a pack so there is a bit more of pack life in this one, not overwhelming really its not even that much. 


(I would just like to mention right now that I think i might be a little bit in love with you Melissa, its true. not only are you plot-lines awesome, but your characters, oh my god, how can i even describe how amazing they truly are? A-MAZING). 

Michelle: Now I was pretty adamant that I would not like her as much as i liked Gabby, and in some aspects i suppose that might be true, but at the same time not. Here is the thing with Michelle, she is realistic, and for the life of me as much as i screamed at her knowing that Emmitt was a great guy that she should trust him she just didn't listen to me. Well as much as i want to be mad about this i don't know that i can be. Here's why: She is actually has absolutely no reason to trust anyone other than her two very much younger brothers. I get that Emmitt did help her a million times over and that she should trust him but i could understand where she was coming from so i don't think i am mad at her for that reason but i am slightly because i wanted to steal Emmitt from this book and keep him forever! (and for some reason all i can imagine when i say that is that he like this stuffed animal that i am crushing in hug...strange because that is not...umm...awkward lets leave that alone). But there were too many reason to love her to make me want to forget her hesitance towards Emmitt. I know this is probably going to shock you all, but Michelle was actually responsible, smart, unbelievably mature for her age, and i respected the shit out of her. Her brothers are five and four years old if i remember correctly. And she adopted role of mom almost immediately as their mother died shortly after having Aden the younger one. Her love and need to protect her brothers was outstanding and i had to remind myself that she was actually 19 alot of times that, also missed out on like four years of her life being held captive so logically she could be set in the age 15, but she didn't she matured quickly and became a loving mother. What she wouldn't do for those kids... like i said i respected the hell out of her. I think she had to be another one of my new favorites heroines/MCs she was truly amazing, and i do think this book is worth a read for just her. 

Emmitt: (I have to speed this up because i have to leave for a work in a bit so i might come back to this and revise later but for now here we go)...I loved him, probably a i don't know i don't want to say more than Clay because i loved how innovative his character was, and i loved that for once it really wasn't about the words, but the actions. Anyways though Emmitt does speak i think it only enhances his character because i don't think he ever said anything wrong he just said Swoon worthy stuff that made my heart melt and me again planning on ripping him from the pages of this book and keeping him forever. He was amazing, again while we don't see much of his actions Jim tells us everything that he does and while i was in love with him the first moment he protects Michelle i fell in love with him over and over again in this book. i think i fell in love with him at least a 100 times if not more. probably more. he was protective, generous, so patient and sweet. I really loved him. And it was patient in a different way from Clay which i adored! 

Jim: Who i mentioned is Emmitt's brother. I loved him he was a nice comic relief and he was unbelievably sweet too, so much mischief in this boy that i think he would have been fun to play with. He takes on the role of baby-sitter a lot which is fine by me because at least it was thought out that the boys would need someone else to look after them as well. 

villains: awesome a hundred thumbs up, but i am not going to get into them because of a)time, b)spoilers. 

Damn i hate being rushed but i do want to finish this review. 

Ending: AMAZING. Do i want the next one, are you shitting me? of course i do, i seriously would be willing to read this over Melissa's shoulder as she was writing if a) that wasn't creepy as hell, b) well that would just be creepy for some many reasons and i don't like it when people read over my shoulder so i there assume everyone is the same as me so therefore no one else likes it. 

Oh last thoughts: read this book, read this series, good? good.