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So i annoyed my twin with how much i loved this book

Hope(less) - Melissa Haag

Okay so first and foremost I would like to Thank Melissa Haag, a ton a ton, not only for directing me to her book but also because she asked for an honest review. Which i will give. As I always do, and just because i got this book for free does NOT make me sway in any direction, if you don't believe me check out the link at the bottom of this review and you can see other books i have done this for. So with that said, one more time Thank you Melissa that was very kind of you. Lets start this review shall we?

that is how i am feeling right about now. But that is the only gif that i am going to do, sorry that isn't really my style for reviews, i use them in status updates but I like to explain why either a) i love a book - which i loved this book and i will tell you why in a moment b) i want to know what happens, what characters are like, if it is worth my time. And YES, yes this book is worth you time. I will get the gushing in just a few moments let me go pick a song

Song choice: "Heavy In Your Arms" by Florence + the Machine, and i am going to pick another or two i just don't know what to pick... "Always" by Panic! At The Disco and finally "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. 

So while annoying my twin with how much i loved this book, i forgot to mention how even thought i think that this book might say it is YA i didn't get that vibe at all, that is not to say that this book has sex scenes, sorry kids but it does, but it doesn't have that High School vibe where the characters feel juvenile, they are mature, understanding (and actually Gabby our MC is going to college so there is that).... 

Alright so be warned for this first little bit i am going to gush. OMGOSH PLEASE READ THIS BOOK because one you will not regret it, both combined with its beautiful sculpted voice, and unbelievably beautiful love story you will have a hard time pulling yourself away from the book to oh i don't know, sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, or you know breath.... well actually you will breathe i can almost guarantee at least one loving sigh. Going into this book i was expecting this really action packed, prophecy book just because of the idea of being judged or what nots but that isn't the story really. And this is coming from a girl who usually gets pretty bored when bad guys aren't popping up at least every chapter, i mean there are a lot of books i love that don't do that but still. Anyways moving on from that thought. Words can't describe how easily i fell in love with everything about this book. I will try to keep the rest of my review not as gushy but be warned.

Okay thoughts on plot: I love all things werewolves, lets put that out there right now. I love them can't help it i just do. The strange thing about this book is that even if you are more of a vampire lover i think that you could handle this book, its not pushing the pack mentality too much, and it doesn't really force you into the soulmate rule, which i think is one of the greatest things about this novel. I know that Soulmate rule is used in most of all types of paranormal now, even if that isn't what is its called that is what i call it, always. Anyways the problem with Soulmate rule is that it happens fast and the characters never really get to do that whole building up to what could be a beautiful, meaningful relationship. While this book has soulmate rule, it doesn't act like it, the two are meant to be together yes, but what you have a character who actually resist it, not that fact resisting where they do it for two chapters than say screw it! No, there is a real build in their relationship, Clay our main man, slowly wiggles his way into our hearts and into Gabby's. I loved LOVED LOVED their relationship, i would have read this book entire for that. But there was more and ANOTHER AWESOME thing about this book (yeah i know i said i would try not to be to gushy but i can't help it, this quickly became a favorite) anyways the other awesome thing is that it does have action in it, there is more to the plot then two people falling in love. There is more to everything than it originally seemed which was amazing. I don't want to talk in depth about the other thing because it is a mystery that you have to figure out ;) but it is worth reading just for that as well. 


Gabby: She is a foster kid, always been moved around, and on top of being a foster kid she has this problem, she sort of has that siren attraction towards men, they have talk to her, they want to get her go on date, so when she was younger and foster dads, brothers, uncles started to become to unbearable she would have to change houses again, she therefore also her trust in men sort of wavered. When she has a chance meeting with a werewolf named Sam an Elder of a pack she finds a sort of home, she always keeps herself at a distance, i think that the way Melissa handle that was just well for lack of better words either beautiful or awesome. Gabby didn't let i am going to say 10+ years of drifting from home to home change within a two year span of living with Sam though she does get sort of close to Sam you can tell that she still keeps her distance. 

And that is one of the main reasons i fell in love this book so much isn't because it had charming romance, or interesting plot line but the writing. there is a line in the book “You don’t need to talk to get to know someone, you just need to listen," and I LOVED IT. i want to marry it really. Anyways it is all about showing its about action, its not about pretty words and pretty promises its real, active, moments and movements. sorry got distracted for a moment back to Gabby

Gabby continued: She is distant yes but its understandable and its not one those cold distances where the reader feels like they can't connect with Gabby. I loved her because yes she was strong and she stuck with what she believed she wanted, she was compassionate, and an amazing MC. I loved her there i don't think was a moment that i hated her. She thought things through, she was smart and considerate. 

Clay: New book boyfriend is found. I do want to warn you though he isn't much of a talker. Though I usually like those out going, funny MC guys i found myself loving Clay almost instantly and there is no Soulmate rule needed. Though he is silent he speaks very loudly, that like i put in here from the book is talking about him. Through his actions you realize how smart, funny, and loving he really is. Not to mention possessive without being overbearing, and protective without being annoying about it. He was like the greatest combination of a man and when he does speak he makes it count. I was swooning after him even without words, again it was all about what he didn't say and what he did for her. He is a sneaky little bastard as well because i know i have said this before but he really does crawl into your heart without realizing it. He was silent but not brooding which thank God for that, he did have a sense of humor it took awhile for him to open up completely but i could always see hints of it. As a MC guy he was different from the norm, but loving and amazing all the same. 

Sam: I am still debating on how i feel about him. He turns into a sort of Grandfather figure for Gabby and when i first met him and for the first quarter/almost half of the book i loved him as a Grandfather figure as well but i could see that pack came before a lot of other things, and that is not to say he didn't pay attention to Gabby, quite the opposite really, he was forcing her into the pack and forcing her into finding a mate that even i felt like i was being restricted and wanted to be free. I think that in the end yes he wants to the best for Gabby, he cannot turn his back on the pack either, it was his family much longer than she. 

Now there were two werewolf boys she met when she first goes to meet the "pack" named Paul and Henry and i liked them and i held out hope that they would make a reappearance, and they were just friends we knew that right off the bat but i still wanted to see them again, that was one of very very few disappointments i had in this book, the second disappointment i had was that it ended to soon, i wanted more, next disappointment is that the next book is not out. 

so if you really need me to tell you then yes i will be reading the next one but i think that is a very silly thing to ask because i will be stalking Melissa after i go spread the word about this to find out when the next one comes out.