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Reviving Bloom  - Michelle  Turner

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH yay! I started this at 11 pm and now just finished at 3:30 am. Good Gracious i am glad i don't need to wake up early tomorrow! Let me start off by saying again, YAY! I absolutely loved this. I have been looking for a really good Werewolf book that wasn't all sex! So YAY again! So now as i have officially had my little freak out on HOW GOOD THIS BOOK IS! i will do my review. oh before i do that though, if you are Prince of Wolves lover or if you haven't read them but read this you will love this series...going for both directions. i think that they are a good match together, and i think that people who read Prince of Wolves would really appreciate this series as well!

Bloom Michael something, her full name is in there a lot but give me some credit it's very late and i just read this within a few hours! Anywhos, Bloom is in a bad place, hell i don't blame her one bit, the only real, blood, family she had left that she knew loved her died a year ago. I can't pretend i know what it feels like to lose a parent from either abandonment which has to be the worst, or death, which Bloom had the pleasure of both! I don't hate her for being sad, i don't, but i do hate her just a tiny, itty, bit for pushing away her other family, her adoptive Uncle Billy, and her best friend - who i love and hope to see more of in the next one - Bonnie (Bon). So back to Bloom, when we are introduced to her she is very lonely, and again like i said before i don't blame her, not really, and when she meets Pike, the unnaturally large dog that is more like a miniature horse, and has absolutely no fear but instead love for it is when we start to get a change in our main character. I am glad that she grows out of this funk and we start to see who she really is and i would hope who she is growing into. But there is something that bothered me, and still is bothering me at the moment, and this is sort of a tiny little bit of a spoiler but not really either, so skip this part if you don't want to know it......did you skip or are you still debating if not here we go! ..... So she has feelings, like gut feelings about people but they don't develop til more than half way through the book.....? okay so now that is settled moving on

Pike...we are introduced to him in his wolf form, and i mean who doesn't love a huge ass black wolf of 25? Cause i know this girl does... oh and that Southern twang? YES PLEASE!!! Only i enjoy it when the twang is also influenced when the chapter is in his point of view, and in all of his thoughts, not just in his speech...if that makes sense...its a small thing really but i wanted it there...anywhos. Pike is the new Alpha of a werewolf pack because a wolf cannot live a healthy sane life without his mate...so Pike had to kill his father...don't worry its not really a spoiler he tells us about it in like his first pov chapter.... so anyways... there is that. He is fiercely protective of Bloom when he first meets her, and call me swoony but i love a werewolf who is! But more than that do i love in a man is his easy charming self which Pike had sometimes, he was very kind of airy and easy about this commands and not being all demand-y but being demanding which i loved. i think it was my favorite thing about him, but when he needed to get down to business he could...though we got very little of that. So Pike...tall, handsome, black-haired beauty (did we ever get his eye color? i don't remember....) anyways and werewolf who could want anymore?

So the smaller side characters! Bonnie: the best friend... i am assuming smaller than Bloom (Blu), but she don't get a description of what she looks like i don't think... anyways she seems very sassy which apparently is opposite of how she normally is but we never see the "normal" her according to Blu and i was waiting for the "real" Bon but i liked the sassy Bon too. She seems very against commitment which seems strange to me because she is beyond loyal to Blu...but hey she is an interesting read, and as i said before i hope there is more of her in the next book..if there is a next book... but i kinda secretly hope that Bon will get POV chapters in the next book. 
Tucker: The Beta, and who doesn't love the 7 foot, brown hair, brown eyed beauties? i know i do! from what we get from him - which isn't a whole lot because he is mostly in it at the end but he is easy going, almost laid back but seems a lot older than the age of 20, and i like that about him but his age keeps putting me off but whatever, age is a number. But i can tell he is possessive and God that is sexy....
Emily: um she is in the middle of the book, sister to Pike and seems like she is going to be Blu's new Werewolf BFF but then disappears for the last half of the book... so sad. But she is the advice giver to Pike even though she is four years younger, but us younger children are always the smartest as i like to think ;) but not the point there isn't much to say about her. 

This really is the story of Blu and Pike (once mentioned as Ike). I didn't mind being introduced to these characters that is for sure, but i do hope in the next one we get more about the other smaller characters, they have a lot of potential and i think could offer a lot more to the story then the little pieces they offer now. Anyways moving onto the plot

PLOT: So obviously it was a pretty well paced book otherwise i wouldn't be saying up until 4 o clock in the morning to be writing this review that probably next to no one will read. We learn a lot about the past of Blu's parents and their um...separation. There isn't really a good way to put this without giving stuff away but i will say this. The pacing is well done, when you think you might be getting bored, nah Michelle Turner won't disappoint something exciting is around the bend. 

Now for the pest-y ending... its a bit of a cliff-hanger... not well i don't want to say not so horrible you will be totally and utterly pissed off but i cannot confirm that for you. i am satisfied enough at the moment but there are lose ends, and i am excitedly waiting for the next one that i will say honestly.