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Beyond Fantastic, if you don't read this you will regret it

Song of the Wolf - Hannah Pole

If I could give this book a million stars I would. But I will go with a 5 out of 5 solid stars.

Warning: I was given this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. And honesty is the best policy.

Song Choice:  “Heavy In Your Arms” by Florence + the Machine, “Drunk Again” by Reel Big Fish, “Dark Paradise” by Lana Del Rey, and for funnizes, “Little Red Riding Hood” by Laura Gibson

First Thoughts: HOLY.SHIT. SERIOUSLY. Holy shit. Okay – first off, let me say that with the first book as much as I loved it, and I really, really did enjoy it. This book blew me out of the water. It was like a slap you just didn’t see coming, like think stranger is just walking towards you then BAM, slap in the face. I just…okay…words need to come out that make sense. Shocking beautiful, tormented, and heartbreakingly wonderful. I think my heart was breaking for most the book in the most beautiful way.

Thoughts on plot: Kay, kay, so this was the second book in the series, do I think you can read this a bit of order, yeah I think so. There might be a few things you will be narrowing your eyes going…um…but you will get caught up. Hannah does a really good job of making sure you still understand what is the happs. Anyways wow… this was a total 180 from the first book, while the first book I thought had a great mixture of a bit of fun, with also a lot of kickass-ing goodness, and adventure, this was wow. So Alison is the main babe here, and if you recall from the last book, she hasn’t had the easiest few weeks…and things don’t get easier so get that out of your head right now. This is was story about torment, and breaking your soul to pieces. All seems hopeless and the world literally feels like its crushing down on you, – that is how powerful Hannah’s writing was. I could feel everything. Alright sorry that is more for characters back to the plot. So there is a lot of good old fashion action adventure in this. There is a lot going on, that keeps the book moving at a wonderful pace, not going too fast you are like WAIT, book come back we didn’t finish…op! you are gone. And it definitely in no way drags. So lots going on. I thought it was pretty original things, were kept in the dark for the time that it needed to be. I thought it was original and was bringing in a lot of new things the last book didn’t. Super awesome loved it, loved it, loved it.






Alison: What a wonderful character. While Tam – the MC from book one started off right off the bat as this kickass, sassy female, Alison is a bit timid, she was a born girlie-girl. She is a lover not a fighter. And when she does through hell she comes out of it yeah still a bit timid, she takes time but she grows, and boy does she grow into this new beautiful female. She is still is truly a good person, she believes in the value of life, and she was really just beautiful inside and out. I really liked her because even though she was attacked, and she went through hell she doesn’t give up. She is truly a female of honor (if you read the first book you might get the reference), anyways she doesn’t just give up because it’s hard. She is dealt pretty much the crappiest hand ever and she strives on, she does what she needs to do. She is beyond brave, but still vulnerable when needs to be, and over all a fantastic character. She is seriously one of my new favorite main female characters. (ever).

Dax: I WANT HIM. I want him I want him I want him. I want him. Seriously my brain might be stuck on that. HOLY HOT MALE. He was wow. There is so much to Dax that I don’t even know where to begin. He wasn’t one of those males you get that, get you all hot and bothered ;) ;) or just excited because he is all Alpha male with a sweet side. No, absolutely not. There was so much substance to this male, not only that but he was not kind but it wasn’t a ploy to be like, oh he is the bad boy that turns good. No. He is real, he is raw, he is *sighs lovingly* fantastic. He is fiercely loyal, he is scarred, hard to get along with, but there I don’t think loving him was a hard thing to do at all. Especially getting his POVs those might have been my favorite moments ever, no that is a lie, it was really a tie. These two together were perfect, and their stories together, it was just magic. Anyways back to Dax seriously he is on my Christmas List…indefinitely.

The Writing: FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. Hannah Pole’s first book – ever, ever- was Silence of the Wolves, and she did a fantastic job then as well. This, this was mind-blowing. Seriously this was amazing, and I loved it. The POVs between the two characters worked so well, and the characters were so new, they weren’t sort of repeats from the last book, nor were they almost carbon copies, these were new characters to fall in love with. (Along with some new faces, that I am BEYOND excited to read about next)

So will I go on with this series…is that really a question? Yes. Yes I am. <3 Wonderful.